He will insist that they manufacture in the US.

It has favored some sectors and disadvantaged others. But the US could be even better off. Trump has also encountered homemade crises, such as the Boeing crisis. You can’t blame him for that, of course.

It is therefore difficult to say to what extent Trump policies are responsible for the upturn in the third quarter or how the economy would have developed without him or without Corona. The sectors that have benefited include the steel and agriculture industries. It is sustainable when productivity and thus also supply capacity are increased. And that is of course difficult in agriculture. You have standardized products that other manufacturers also offer efficiently. Soybeans, for example, are also produced in Brazil.

The increase in productivity in the industrial goods sector was also very limited. IT companies as service providers are the USA’s great strength. But if you look at the export development in comparison to other service providers, this position has also become significantly weaker. The US is still the world’s largest exporter of services, but that’s also because many US companies have settled abroad.

No matter who the next president is, he will try to bring US companies back from abroad. If we look at the stock exchanges under Trump, the stock markets boomed during his tenure. Should investors therefore hope for his re-election? I believe the stock markets are now being driven by Corona worldwide. A lockdown threatens everywhere and with it a severe slump in demand. As a result, the mood on the markets is currently rather depressed. Neither Trump nor Biden can change that.

In the medium term, however, if Biden were to win, the markets would expect trade conflicts to de-escalate and this expectation could spur the stock markets. But we also know that political stock exchanges have short legs. Therefore, overcoming the pandemic would be the most important stimulus for the markets. Trump promises more economic growth if he is re-elected. Could he even keep this promise? Yes, because he will continue to inflate the deficit. We already have a US debt level of just under 107 percent of gross domestic product.

It is estimated that the Corona crisis will increase it to around 130 percent. One must not forget that the US controls the reserve currency. Americans can pay their debts with the money they create. That is by far the strongest pound that Trump can throw on the scales. It won’t last forever, but the US credit rating is still good, so let’s assume Joe Biden will win the presidential election.

How would US economic policy change under him? Biden insists on “” Made in America “”, that is, on bringing production back to the USA. It will use tax measures to prevent or even penalize companies from relocating their production abroad.custom biology essay writing service

At the same time, it will create tax incentives for companies so that they can bring their production back to the US. And what can be expected from US President Biden on the subject of “free trade”? No impetus for freer trade can be expected from him. But neither will he be the aggressor who accuses all trading partners of unfairness and imposes punitive tariffs on them. “” Made in America “” and little free trade – isn’t Biden somehow copying Trump’s America-First Agenda? Yes, but he calls it differently. It just comes in a different guise now.

He may do it in a soft voice. But in terms of content, it will not get any easier, especially for trading partners, from abroad to enter the American market. He will insist that they manufacture in the US. For the time being, he will not lift all the punitive tariffs again overnight.

To what extent could the German economy benefit from Biden? In trade policy, of course, we are dependent on what is decided in Brussels. But Germany will certainly work to ensure that the aggressive mood against German automobile manufacturers is reduced first. Trump had a real phobia against foreign cars, regardless of where they are produced. I don’t think that will be the case with Biden. But in no case will there be a sudden resurgence of TTIP – the Transatlantic Free Trade and Investment Agreement.

Biden will be more concerned with the domestic economy and less with foreign trade. Daniel Heyd spoke with Rolf Langhammer. Source: ntv.de “Elon Musk is the rock star among entrepreneurs. In Germany, he has discovered some lucrative investments in recent years (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Elon Musk kept the media, politics and fans in Germany in suspense for a week – now he’s gone again.

What remains is pride. His business in this country is celebrated as a strong signal for the business location. Others can follow the example of the tech investor’s bite and pace: ten electrifying minutes for the few onlookers who are allowed to take a look at the eccentric tech investor. “” Germany rocks “”, Elon Musk calls out to them when he surprisingly appears on the construction site of his new Gigafactory in Grünheide, Brandenburg on Thursday. His timing leaves a lot to be desired for fans and the media. There was no official announcement of his visit.

Apparently he did not attach any importance to a large reception committee. But the billionaire enjoys the small stage, he is visibly relaxed and in a good mood. The location for his fifth Gigafactory is perfect, he probably wants to say with his words. Grünheide was the right decision for him.

If everything goes well, around 500,000 electric cars will roll off the assembly line here from summer 2021. The region is groaning under high unemployment, local politicians are hoping for 12,000 jobs immediately with the new factory. As Prime Minister Dietmar Woitke explains after his meeting with Musk, fortunately the construction site is already showing the “pulling effect” that was hoped for. Tesla accelerates. A good three months ago the area was untouched nature. The forest has now been rolled flat and the first hall – for the paint shop – is in place.

The topping-out wreath is already dangling from the building. It is conceivable that the new Gigafactory will be finished even faster than the one in Shanghai, which was built in the record time of eleven months. This is only possible because Musk works with preliminary permits and at your own risk.

Nobody believes that there could soon be a ruin here. Why is he pushing the pace so fast? Shouts an onlooker outside the gates of the construction site. “I believe in speed,” “is Musk’s answer. It is important for the climate and the world that the transition to renewable energy takes place as quickly as possible.

The speed with which he approaches his projects is his unmistakable trademark – even in Germany, where the bureaucracy hurdles are high, Musk cannot be stopped. His investments are “” a great signal for the business location, “” says the tech -Expert Frank Thelen. Musk is finally bringing speed to Germany. That is the proof: “” We can still go fast! “” German investors could learn something here, he says.

Musk is “” a lottery win “”, but that is not enough. “” Now we have to imitate him. We have to show a pioneering spirit again, show courage without fear and run forward. “” Thelen calls the fact that Musk is a predominantly international investor in Germany a great stroke of luck. However, the focus on the German automotive industry is understandable. Auto expert Stefan di Bitonto from Germany Trade Invest (GTAI) agrees.

The economy has something to offer investors of the Musk caliber: “” Germany is a location with high standards, great expertise and a high density of engineers. Almost 40 percent of all premium vehicles are manufactured here in the country. Exactly the segment in which Tesla operates.

If you want to build a premium car, then it makes sense to do so in Germany. “” With Musk you are now “” prepared for the automotive future “”. The location could “” look to the future “stronger”, says di Bitonto ntv.de. The Tesla factory in Grünheide is not Musk’s first investment in the German auto industry. Three years ago he bought the auto supplier Grohmann in Prüm in the Eifel.

That also worked for Tesla, said Thelen. At Grohmann’s, Musk stopped on Tuesday on his Germany tour. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. The exceptional entrepreneur benefits from Germany, but the business location Germany receives new impetus from him.

The tech visionary should take Germany on a journey into the future. Its ability to “” vehemently implement visions “”, as di Bitonto describes it, should help. From Thelen’s point of view, Musk brings everything with him, his interest is in groundbreaking future technologies. Companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop or Neuralink show that he’s not just a visionary, he loves spectacular things.

The impossible drives him. Critics have often presented his plans as impossible. But in the end, Musk always made it: his rockets fly, the Tesla rolls, even the Neuralink chip in the human brain, which is supposed to connect the app store with the human brain, recently made its grand debut. Musk is said to be his greatest asset his mind, explains Thelen. Be it artificial intelligence, battery technologies, quantum computers, 5G or blockchain, “” Elon Musk understands these technologies, “” he says. “” It’s his DNA. “” To ask how you can launch rockets cheaply into space, how things can become possible that were not possible before. “” Musk believes in exponential progress. That is what distinguishes him from other investors. “” For the billionaire and investor Carsten Maschmayer, it is the mixture of “” creative disobedience, irrepressible pressure to change “” and a little bit of “ego trip” “that makes Musk so successful . “” Brave things “” that are a “” great role model for tech founders “”, as the jury member from the startup show “” Höhle der Löwen “” admits in the ntv podcast “” So techt Germany “” does not call himself a big fan of the eccentric US billionaire.

Tech investor Thelen also sees something else in Musk’s investment decisions: That he uses the technology of his auto supplier Grohmann, for example for a 3D printer, so that the vaccine manufacturer Curevac can ignite the turbo in production, “” the man shows want to help “”. But one thing is also clear: the one who brings a vaccine to market the fastest, will win big money. The car and space revolutionary can suddenly still hope to be among the frontrunners in the pharmaceutical industry in the near future. It is the successful combination of genius and luck, if you will. Add to that a healthy dose of restlessness.

Musk is said to have had new investment ideas with him again. Allegedly, he has set his sights on the German energy industry and has already sounded out whether customers are interested in a new electricity tariff from Tesla. Economics Minister Peter Altmaier and the top of the Union parliamentary group are said to have given him full support for his ventures in Germany.

If the market entry into electricity sales succeeds, Musk could suddenly stir up top dogs like Eon or RWE. Musk critics will probably have to get used to it: The limits of the impossible can be shifted. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of economic policy After the Brexit decision, the British economy prevailed and politics at first helplessness.

While others are still puzzling as to how things will continue, the Berlin Senator for Economic Affairs is already taking action. Chancellor Merkel says there will be “” solutions for the civil war refugees from Syria “in the foreseeable future.” She sees other migration movements as a significantly bigger problem. Great Britain is not a member of the euro area.

According to the IMF, leaving the EU will still shake the monetary union. Overall, too, the fund hardly leaves a good impression on the eurozone. Visiting China is always a tightrope walk for the Chancellor: On the one hand, this huge country is an important economic partner, on the other hand, the human rights situation there is difficult. Merkel wants to stay true to her line. There have been better times for the Chancellor to visit Beijing.

Economic relations are tense and China’s foreign policy is considered aggressive. Experts are calling for Merkel to “defend themselves”. It is a novelty: Saudi Arabia wants to get money from the bond market for the first time.

The kingdom is suffering from the sharp drop in oil prices in the first few months of this year. This is a massive burden on the Saudi budget. Saudi Arabia wants to gradually reduce its dependence on oil.

To this end, the government decides on a corresponding paper. In addition to reducing government spending, several reform projects are planned. The International Monetary Fund is causing a stir with its criticism of neoliberalism. On closer inspection, however, the IMF only summarizes positions that it has held for years. A guest contribution by Philipp Stachelsky Germany as a business location is losing relevance, at least according to a Swiss study.

In a ranking of the most competitive states, the Federal Republic of Germany leaves feathers. This is also due to Germany’s complacency. “Aibo is the new pet of choice in Japan. (Photo: dpa) Maybe that would also be a best seller in this country? Small robots are enjoying growing demand in Japan as a substitute for interpersonal contact during the corona pandemic. The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported that more and more Japanese people are buying mechanical toys such as Sony’s robot dog Aibo for their parents, who often live far away in the provinces and who they are currently unable to visit for fear of the risk of infection.

Source: ntv.de “Is ski jumping legend Noriaki Kasai about to end his career? (Photo: imago images / East News) Without Japan’s ski jumping icon Noriaki Kasai, the new World Cup season will start at the end of November. The 48-year-old is not part of the six-man squad for the start in Wisla, Poland (November 21-22).

The team is led by former Four Hills Tournament winner Ryoyu Kobayashi. Last winter, Oldie Kasai did not finish in the top 30 for the first time since his World Cup debut in the winter of 1988/89 – he had paused in 1993/94 .